Out and About in Saskatoon: Soom Soom

One of my favourite things about visiting a city is discovering awesome places to eat. Is there really any other reason to travel? On a recent work trip to Saskatoon, I was lucky enough to find two stellar restaurants (one on the recommendation of a friend and one through Instagram), two awesome food trucks, and one tried-and-true fave from my days on the West Coast.

First up – the food trucks!

I didn’t get any pics of my lunch from the Soom Soom truck, which is a shame because it was one of the tastiest meals that I have ever inhaled. Soom Soom offers Middle Eastern-Mediterranean fusion cuisine out of a beautiful cobalt blue truck, decorated with hamsa hands. The menu centers mainly around things (falafel, shawarma, etc) and other things (salads, fries, etc), served in either bowls, pita, or flatbreads. Pretty much everything is made from scratch and, as an old boyfriend used to say, you can taste the love.

I went with the chicken shawarma in a flatbread and a fresh mint lemonade. The lemonade was perfect – not to tart, not too sweet, not too minty – but the shawarma was outstanding. To be honest, I lost track of what was in it. There was chicken, of course, plus hummus, salad(s), sauce and some kind of pickles scattered throughout – enough that they were in every delicious bite. It took me the length of the event site to eat my lunch and I arrived back at my booth stuffed, happy and ready for a nap.

You can find Soom Soom on twitter at @SoomSoomTruck

Next: Rebel Melt


Image: Soom Soom (http://www.saskfoodtrucks.ca/our-trucks/soomsoom/)


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