Out and About in Saskatoon: Hometown Diner

After three days of eating Egg McMuffins behind the wheel of a rental car, which is less glam than it sounds, we felt we deserved a proper breakfast. Knowing that this might be a thing, I had done some research before we left Winnipeg and found a cute, Instagrammable little spot, not far from our…


Making fancy-people food is easier than you think.

Carrot Cake Oatmeal 

If someone tells you it’s wrong to put cake icing on oatmeal, cut that person out of your life immediately. They just don’t see the big picture.

The Big Pancake

You can call it a Dutch Baby, a German Apple Pancake, or, as we do, The Big Pancake. It really doesn’t matter because it won’t last long enough for a name to stick.

Blueberry Flax Waffles

Happy New Year! After a solid 8 hours sleep last night (and another 2 hours spent motionless on the couch), I was feeling particularly motivated to make something special for our first breakfast of 2013. And, since “special” usually involves an appliance of some sort, I figured waffles were a pretty obvious choice. What we have…