Hello Fresh: week 2

I think I’m onto these Hello Fresh people. They make opening the weekly box so much fun that you can’t wait to do it again. (And again and again.)

Hello, Hello Fresh!

Last week, I tried Hello Fresh (a “subscription” food box) and I was very, very happy with the whole experience. Happy enough to dust off the ol’ laptop and blog about it, it would seem.

Wasabi Sushi

  I recently had the opportunity to be a guest at a dinner at Wasabi with a group of fellow food bloggers. Although I am no stranger to Wasabi, the evening was full of new tastes and plenty of surprises. My first experience at Wasabi on Broadway was in 2008, shortly after I moved back…

Lunch Bell Bistro

When my friend Shel invited me to join her for lunch at the Bell Hotel, I thought there was a typo in her email. The Bell Hotel? That Bell Hotel? On Main Street? As a customer of Mitchell’s Fabrics and a regular at MAWA’s annual art auction, I am no stranger to that stretch of…