The No-Stove Challenge

So, we blew up our stove last week. Well, I did. I was cleaning the back of the stove and some water from my sponge got into the outlet on the top… yada yada yada small electrical fire… we need a new stove.

Now, I could have run out and bought the cheapest stove I could find, or taken a chance on Kijiji, but that didn’t sound like any fun. Instead, we’ve decided to save up for a mediocre stove (or a good one on sale) and, in the meantime, challenge ourselves to make use of all our small appliances. We have a covered electric skillet, a rice cooker, two crockpots (full-size and mini), a waffle maker, a microwave that broils, a kettle and a borrowed sous vide; surely we can survive a few weeks without a stove.

If you are looking for some ways to use your own small appliances, here are some of the things that we’re cooking while we save up for the stove of our dreams. (I’ll be updating this list regularly!)

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