Falling for Manitoba Chicken

Every few months, I score myself a much-coveted spot at one of Manitoba Chicken‘s fan events. They always throw a great party, but tonight I was lucky enough to attend one of their amazing seated dinners. These events are always fun, always a little over the top, and never disappoint.

At around 6:10pm, I arrived fashionably late (Ha!) to Bouchee Boucher, and claimed a spot at the cool table with the lovely Natalie, just in time for the first course.

We started with a chicken mousse with roasted apple puree, almonds and an apple chip (above), paired with a big Poplar Grove MRV.

The roasted apple puree really helped to cut through the richness of the chicken liver and the finely chopped almonds added a nice texture to the silky smooth mousse.

This was delicious but I really could have used a chunk of baguette or some toasted bread to schmear it on. That would have made it a perfect appetizer.

After a clear chicken consumme with turnip and crispy farro, we were served a chicken gallentine (above) which the chef said made use of all of the different parts of the chicken. I couldn’t tell which was which, but it was tasty.

The gallentine was served with a vibrant green pesto and pickled mustard seeds, a surprisingly good combination of flavours and the perfect foil for the mildly seasoned chicken. The wine selection for this one was a nice, dry Riesling.

Our main course (above and below) was roasted chicken breast with raisins, pine nuts and oats, served atop a parsnip puree.

This was awesome. The chicken was perfectly roasted and beautifully presented. I’d love to know chef’s secrets for getting such a crisp skin without drying out the meat.

The wine pairings to accompany each dish were well chosen and beautifully complemented the meal.

My favourites were the Riesling and the Syrah that was served with the main course. I’ve always been a fan of reds with poultry, and this one was a great match. It had just enough jam and vanilla to pair well with the layered chocolate dessert, as well.

And, as always, both the food and company were fantastic. Thanks again to my chicken peeps and Susie P for the invite.

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