Chaeban Ice Cream

Can we talk about this ice cream?

Chaeban opened up on Osborne at the end of December.

Let me say that again. At the end of December.

As far as strategies go, it was either crazy or brilliant. I’m going with brilliant. On the first night we went (which happened to be opening night), the temperature in Winnipeg was close to the temperature in outer space. Definitely not ice cream season.

A couple months later, it’s still not warm outside, but every time we go to Chaeban, the place is buzzing.

Why? The ice cream is INCREDIBLE.

My favourite is Reece Piece*, but I have forced myself to try three other flavours – Donnie Darcocoa (dark chocolate), Mustang Sally (mocha), and Almondo Salazar (roasted almond.)

Chaeban offers single and double cones/cups, sundaes, and jarred pints** to take home. They also offer all of their flavours in 4-scoop ice cream “flights.” (That might be my best hope of trying all the flavours – a personal goal.)

Some of the flavours are classics (yes, you can get chocolate and vanilla) and some are a little outside of the box, with ingredients like beets, rosewater, and saffron.

No matter the flavour, though, there’s something a little elevated about the ice cream at Chaeban. The best way to describe it is extra. You’ve never had anything like this before.

*LOVE the ice cream, hate the name. It’s not, as the name suggests, ice cream with Reeces Pieces in it. It is the best, peanut butteriest ice cream with dark chocolate flakes and roasted peanuts. It needs a name befitting its awesomeness.

**If you return your empty jar, you get $1 off your next one. 😊

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