Le Burger Week 2017

You would think with over 100 restaurants participating in Le Burger Week, we would have no problem picking a place to grab a burger. You’d think.

After pouring over the list several times, we decided on Brazen Hall’s Farmer Jon and The Local 204 at the Velvet Glove.

First up was the Farmer Jon at Brazen Hall. This strapping fella had a farmers sausage/beef patty, a blueberry maple ketchup, bacon, Trappist cheese, stout-brased onions, Crown Royal mushrooms, arugula and the pub’s own sassy mustard.

What we loved: everything worked together really well, and no one thing overshadowed the others. The cheese was an especially great choice – I’d be perfectly happy to eat it on its own with the blueberry ketchup! Plus, all of the ingredients were local, which made it a little easier to swallow the $19 price tag.

What we didn’t love: our server was great… until she disappeared forever.

Our second (and final – who are you people who can eat 12 burgers!?) burger was The Local 204 at the VG Restaurant in the Fairmont. Yes, the Velvet Glove. Oh, we fancy!

This was another Manitoba-grown, multi-faceted work of burger art. Built around a hefty, perfectly grilled bison patty, it had roasted hay mayo, two hemp-crusted onion rings, pickled cucumber, smoked Gouda, confit peppered pork belly, lettuce, tomato and Crown Royal BBQ sauce on a toasted pain au lait bun.

What we loved: it really was lovely. I had to sit and admire it (and eat fries) for a few minutes before digging in. Again, like BH’s burger, you could tell a lot of time had been spent on getting the balance right. And that bun. Omg. That bun.

What we didn’t love: it could have used one more sweet element… or just a bit more of the Crown Royal BBQ sauce. I found myself dipping into my ketchup towards the end.

Bonus: our burgers came with a complimentary glass of the best iced tea, sweetened with VG’s own rooftop honey. Surprisingly, the burger, fries and iced tea was only $14. Whaaat???

In the end, we couldn’t pick a winner from the two we tried, but we were so happy with our first foray into Le Burger Week that I think maybe we were the winners.

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