As Seen on TV – Roaming Dragon, Vancouver, BC

One of our fave new shows on the Food Network is “Eat Street”. Seeing as Winnipeg is sadly lacking when it comes to good street food, the Mascot and I usually watch enviously as people from all over North America chow down on everything from epic ice cream cones to elaborate biryanis. Meanwhile, here at home, we have the choice of hot dogs, hot dogs or hot dogs. It’s just not fair!

Once in a while, an Eat Street feature really captures our attention (and our appetites) with their inventive offerings and unique presentation. This was the case with The Roaming Dragon, based in Vancouver, BC. The Mascot and I were so intrigued by their fare, that we added it to our “must see/must eat” list. Some things on that list will never be seen or eaten, due to our limited travel budget, but not the Dragon; we had the opportunity to chase it down (via Twitter) this past weekend and see for ourselves what all the fuss is about.

Visiting the Roaming Dragon was literally as case of leaving things until the last minute. I had to be at the airport at 4:45 to catch my flight home and we were just getting downtown at 3:30. Robson St was packed (as usual), but we hurried our way through the crowds and found the big, red truck, as promised, right at the corner of Robson & Burrard. We had missed the lunch rush (thank goodness) and were able to walk right uo and order. By the time the mascot had scouted a bench for us to sit on, we had our food.

Lychee Basil Lemonade – the bubble tea straw is a must for sucking up the pieces of lychee!

It was hard not to order everything on the menu. No, wait…it wasn’t. I think we actually did order everything on the menu. It went something like this: 2 Lychee Basil Lemonades, 1 Soba Salad, 1 Short Rib Taco, 1 Korean Tofu Sub, 1 order of Fried Rice Balls, 1 Korean Pork Sub, and 1 Pork Slider. Not bad for three people!

Soba Salad – with edamame!

I had just finished the Grouse Grind, so I had an excellent excuse for abandoning decorum and inhaling my tofu sub, rice ball and lemonade. I can’t speak for the Mascot and Mumji, though. They just tore through their food…and I think I may have lost a ball in the process.

Fried Rice Balls

Tofu Sub – the pickled diakon and carrots were such a nice contrast to the tofu.

Just about everything we ate is pictured here, except for the short rib taco, which my mother devoured before I could even get my camera out of my purse, and the pork slider and pork sub, because the mascot wouldn’t let me close to them. I hope the photos do it all justice, because our meal was so, so good and definitely lived up to our high expectations. I should mention, too, that the service was also fabulous and definitely added to our fun experience at the Roaming Dragon.

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